Monday, January 11, 2010

Evolution of a blog

Just like our Home Education is evolving all the time, so too has this blog.
I have been a very bad blogger with this one as I had such grand plans for it, but as is the way with plans, they can often go awry!

Just to fill you in.. this is what I have been up for the last few months
`completed my first Uni subject and receive a Distinction - that was a shock to the system!
`enrolled in another subject - children's literature - was really going to enjoy that one.
`husband started talking about a move/transfer - oh no not again I said!
`husband puts in for job and life goes on hold for a month of waiting, waiting, waiting
`husband gets transfer - interstate to a city - eek! We haven't lived in a town bigger than 5000 for over 20 years.
`two months of cleaning, packing, looking for a house to rent, saying farewell to wonderful friends
`the big move - unpack, sort, unpack
`three lots of visitors in 3 months - no one ever came to stay before - they must like the city and being close to Melbourne !
`don't complete second subject due to the above reasons
`getting used to living in a new town - which is a city, so I think harder to find like minded people
`children adjusting to new house/town
`enrol in another uni subject - currently working my way through it...
`looking at 10s of houses to buy - beginning to think we are too fussy
`find a house, put in offer, to and fro for 2 weeks, sign a 3 month contract (unless the other people find something sooner)
`Christmas, New Year, Heatwaves......

AND here we are...

.............. and so the blog evolves to reflect my current studies on Multi-modal Texts and New Literacies.

Back soon to explain what this is and how it is/can be done in a home schooling setting.